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January 2007

Jacks & Queens

The founder Ed Jackson had two kids clubs, the Swinging Demons and the Twilight Twisters. In Jan, 1975, the parents of the kids decided they wanted to have a club too. Ed started the club with 13 couples, soon others joined to make the necessary 16 to be federated. Ed wanted to call them the Jacks & Jennies with the logo of the rear end of two mules. Ed's wife, Jackie, vetoed the idea and it was decided to call them the Jacks & Queens. The club danced at the Western Electric Union Hall in Lees Summit on the second and forth Saturdays.

In 1976 we moved to the High Grove Elementary School in Grandview thanks to Rodger Tisch, who was on the board.

During the summer, Ed held parking lot dances at the United Super in Grandview with Don Guthrie. They were always good dances with much fellowship and fun. After the dances, everyone was always invited to come over to the local Godfathers restaurant for more food and fun.

In August 1984, on the last Sunday before the new season was to start, we received a call from Jackie saying that Ed Jackson had died of a heart attack. With Jackie's help the Jacks & Queens had to go from a caller's club to a regular club. She helped get a board together and guest callers, like Ralph Morast and Don Guthrie, untill we could find a caller to take the club. Ralph Morast held the classes for the club untill he got sick, then Stew took over the classes for a little while till he too became sick. Ralph came back to finish off the year. Halfway through the season Claud McComas became the new club caller.

For two years everything was going well for the club, when we again received a call that Claud died of a heart attack. It was 1st of September 1987 and another new season was to begin without a caller. Ralph & Don again stepped in as guest callers with Stew, without them the club would have gone under. The club hired Don Malcom later that year. Don stayed with the club till 1989, and then we had Perry Lindsey from 1989 to 1990, Ralph Morast from 1991 to 1997.

In 1997, we had to find a new caller again. We hired Jim Winslow for a caller but after one year, Jim said that he could no longer handle two dances a month. So it was worked out with Curtis Smith that he would call the third Saturdays and Jim would call the first Saturdays.

This worked out well for everyone till in 2000, when Jim decided to stop calling and we had to find someone else willing to take on the team calling. In came Ron Swartz. At this same time the school told us we could no longer hold our dances there and we moved to our present place at the Hickman Mills Community Christian Church. Curtis left us in 2004 and it was voted to hold dances once a month with Ron as our only caller.

We have been through several emergencies and many changes but we are still here and running strong. The Jacks & Queens believe dancing is for fun and good times. We hope you will come and dance in our squares soon.

Ed Jackson

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