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Note:  THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST. You should verify the information here by contacting the people involved to be sure that there have been no last minute changes.

South District - Kansas - Classes:

South District - Kansas Square Dance Association 
(Call for Time & Location) Classes are forming throughout the South Kansas area
Please call 316.283.6652, or KansasSouth@WeSquareDance.com

Mainstream Classes: (Top Of Page)

Gardner, Kansas                     GM-30

Starting Tuesday,  January 23, 2018,  7:00 - 9:00 PM,  Grange Building,  136 East Washington, Gardner, Kansas,  Instructor: Mike Salerno,   For more information Christi Gramling 913.397.7984,  E-Mail,  Flyer,  Sponsored by the Docey Dandies,  GM-31

Manhattan, Kansas                     MM-30

Starting Tuesday,  September 19, 2017,  7:00 PM,  Riley County Senior Service Center,  301 North 4th Street, Manhattan, Kansas 66502,  Instructor: Dana Schirmer,   For more information Larry Erickson 785.539.4424,  E-Mail,  Flyer,  Sponsored by the Lone Wranglers Square Dance Club,  MM-31

Ottawa, Kansas                     OM-50

Starting Thursday,  September 13, 2018,  7:00 - 9:00 PM,  Washburn Towers,  506 South Main Street, Ottawa, Kansas 66067,  Instructor: Larry Crady,   For more information Shirley Gilges 785.893.4034,  E-Mail,  Flyer,  All Lessons Are Free, Sponsored by the Ottawa Promenaders,  OM-51

Paola, Kansas                     PM-20

Starting Tuesday,  August 7, 2018,  7:00 - 9:00 PM,  Paola Senior Citizen Center,  121 West Wea Street, Paola, Kansas,  Instructor: Lynn Nelson,   For more information Bob & Marlene Smith 913.557.9030,  E-Mail,  Flyer,  Sponsored by the Frontier Twirlerss,  PM-21

Park City, Kansas                     PM-30

Starting Saturday,  September 30, 2017,  9:30 AM - 12:30 PM,  Park City Senior Center,  6100 North Hydraulic Avenue, Park City, Kansas 67219,  Instructor: Tammy Gough,   For more information Tammy Gough 316.371.3991,  E-Mail,  Flyer,  Sponsored by the Circle 8 Square Dance Club,  PM-31

Plus Classes: (Top Of Page)

Hutchinson, Kansas                     HP-50

Starting Sunday,  January 21, 2018,  2:00 - 4:00 PM,  Farris Grade School,  300 East 10th (Enter West Door), Hutchinson, Kansas 67501,  Instructor: Rod Krehbiel,   For more information Larry Sigle 620.242.3794,  E-Mail,  Flyer,  Sponsored by the State Fair Promenaders,  HP-51

Topeka, Kansas                     TP-30

Starting Saturday,  January 20, 2018,  9:30 AM,  Kaw Valley Dance Center,  200 SW 30th Street (Corner of Van Buren & 30th Street), Suite 105, Topeka, Kansas,  Instructor: Dana Schirmer,   For more information Dana & Donna Schirmer 785.554.7221,  E-Mail,  Flyer,    TP-31

Would You Like Plus Classes?,      Kaw Valley Dance Center,  200 SW 30th Street (Corner of Van Buren & 30th Street), Suite 105, Topeka, Kansas,  Instructor: Dana Schirmer,   For more information Dana & Donna Schirmer 785.554.7221,  E-Mail,  Flyer,    TP-61

Topeka, Kansas Lessons,                     TP-99

Advance Classes: (Top Of Page)

Topeka, Kansas                     TA-30

Starting TBA,      Location: TBA,    Instructor: Dana Schirmer,   For more information Dana Schirmer 785.554.7221,  E-Mail,  Flyer,, We Need At Least Two Squares Of Dancers,  Sponsored by the Advance Workshop,  TA-31

Wichita, Kansas                     WA-30

Thursdays,    6:00 - 7:00 PM,  Ascension Lutheran Church,  842 North Tyler Road, Wichita, Kansas 67212,  Instructor: Mike Turner,   For more information Mike Turner 316.721.4181 (H), 316.650.9527 (C) 316.517.4162 (W),  E-Mail,  Flyer,  Sponsored by the Classics Squares Square Dance Club,  WA-31

Round Dance Classes: (Top Of Page)

Topeka, Kansas                     TR-30

Rock Mountian Round Dance Teachers College,  June 21 - 26, 2018    Croco Hall,  6115 SE US Highway 40, Tecumseh (Topeka), Kansas 66542,  Instructors: John & Karen Herr And Sharon & Casey Parker,   For more information John & Karen Herr 303.681.3147,  E-Mail,  Rock Mountian Round Dance Teachers College,    TR-40

Topeka, Kansas Lessons,                     TR-99

Line Dance Classes: (Top Of Page)

Clogging Classes: (Top Of Page)

Calling Classes: (Top Of Page)

Kansas City, Missouri                     KC-30

Free Caller School At The 67th Nationals,  Sunday - Wednesday, June 24 - 28, 2018,    Kansas City, Missouri,         E-Mail Now To Register,  Flyer,    KC-31

Topeka, Kansas                     TC-30

Callers Clinic,  August 4, 2018,    Kaw Valley Dance Center,  200 SW 30th Street, Suite 105 (Van Buren & 30th Street), Topeka, Kansas,  Instructor: Dana Schirmer,   For more information Dana & Donna Schirmer 785.554.7221,  E-Mail,  Flyer,    TC-51

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