Would you like a flyer on the internet for your club's special dance? 

These flyers on the internet are available FREE.  You may make them, or the I will make them.  If you make them, they will probably be prettier.  In either case, I will upload them.

There are some restrictions.  They are:

1.  The flyer must be for a special dance.  No flyers for regular dances.  Don't even bother to ask. 

2.  The availability of flyers that I make is limited to my spare time, or you may make your own flyer, and mail or E-Mail it to me.  I prefer E-Mail.

3.  The pages will be loaded on the www.WeSquareDance.com web site.  

4.  You must include contact information on your flyer.  Preferably an E-Mail address and a phone number.

The flyers will have the following URL (Address):


Where the "XXXXX" can be any word you would like that is not already being used by someone else.  Shorter words are easier to remember and type correctly.

If you request it, you may have an "EZ Address" or "Sub-Domain" that you may add to the bottom of any flyers or advertisements that you have printed.

The "EZ Address" or "Sub-Domain" will have the form  www.XXXXX.WeSquareDance.com.

This address will be yours for the time prior to your dance unless you request otherwise.  I reserve the right to re-use addresses at a later date.   Please Note:  These Sub-Domains are the property of the Webmaster.

If you choose to make your own page(s) you may make it (them) in many Microsoft programs as well as many other programs.  I am currently using Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Front Page to make web pages.  There are many other programs to make web pages.  Some may be better or easier to use than these.  You may even write your page in HTML if you are a glutton for punishment and have lots of time.

For more information on getting an internet flyer for your special dance, contact the Webmaster.

Updated 11/19/08