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Tom Roper

Square Dance Caller 

"Square Dancing is Fun" 



Tom Roper
Fulltime Professional
Square Dance Caller

"Happiness is Right Around Your  Corner"

Tom became involved in the Square Dance activity in 1975. After dancing about 6 months, the "calling bug" bit him and he called his first tip shortly thereafter.

In 1977 Tom began booking dances in his Tri-State area and soon after was club caller for 3 clubs. He continued calling for these clubs until the company where he was plant manager closed, at which time he decided to start calling and traveling full time.

Beginning in 1982 Tom started traveling some 75,000 miles a year, calling in almost every state of the U.S. and the overseas countries of Saudi Arabia, England, Norway, and Sweden.

Starting in 1998 he began calling a winter program in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas when he spent 12 years at Lakewood RV Park in Harlingen, Texas calling 12 sessions per week from Beginner Square Dancers thru the Advance level.

Tom calls all levels thru C-1, has recorded numerous records on such labels as Coyote, Jo Pat, Lou Mac, Global, Four Bar B, Crown, Hi-Hat, and Solid Gold.

He has attended 33 National Square Dance conventions since 1977, and has been featured caller at many State conventions and festivals around the country.

Tom makes his summer residence in Omaha, Illinois, a small town in the Southeastern corner of the state from Mid-April thru early October traveling some 40,000 miles during the summer. He is resident square dance caller at Tower Point RV Resort in Mesa, AZ from Mid-October thru Mid-April each year.

From the beginning of the dance, till the final tip of the evening, you can feel the excitement in his music and share in his enthusiasm.

Tom strongly feels that regardless of the level one dances, square dancers, should "HAVE FUN DANCING."

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