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Hi!  I'm Tom Roper. 

I live in Omaha, that's Omaha, Illinois.

I travel full time April through October calling square dances throughout the United States and many foreign countries.  Then I spend the winter months, November through March, in Mesa, Arizona, at Tower Point Resort, calling a full winter program and traveling on the weekends. 

This is where to find out more about me and where I will be calling, see you in a square.

April thru October
3305 Wallace Lane
Omaha, Illinois 62871-2720
Cell:  956.245.4245

November thru March
4860 East Main Street, C-22
Mesa, Arizona 85205-8046
Cell:  956.245.4245

Please Note That My E-Mail Address Has Changed:

E-Mail:  TomRoper@WeSquareDance.com

EZ Address for this Web Site:  www.Roper.WeSquareDance.com


Updated:  3/28/16

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