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April 2008

Trick Trackers

On January 6, 1963, the Trick Trackers held its first dance at the St. Stevens Church. In September of 1966, the Club moved to St. Regis Hall. In the fall of 1968, they moved to Pinkerton School for a few months. In December of 1968, they moved to Paseo Presbyterian Church. During the 1975-76 dance season, they moved to Loretta Academy. In 1984, the Academy closed. So they moved to the Hickman Mills Community Christian Church. In 1985, moved to the Gillis Center Gym, and in 1989, started the dance season at Pitcher School. In 1993, they started the dance season at the Grandview Santa Surplus.

The Caller for the first dance was Claud McComas. He called for 5 1/2 years. Then they had guest callers for a few months, and in December 1968, Jim Jefferies started to call. He called for 21 1/2 years. Then had guest callers for a few months, and in January 1991, Curtis Smith started to call. He called for 4 1/2 years. In September of 1995, Bill Kanai was selected as the Caller.

When the Trick Trackers first formed in 1963, there were only 8 couples. It grew through the years, and at one time they had 74 couples. Today, we have 23 couples and two singles (November 1966).

The continued existence of the Trick Trackers has not been by chance. We must thank those who have come before us for their efforts. Two such couples are Harold and Myrtle Walker, who joined in 1964, and Eddie and Lois Vogel who joined in 1968. Both couples have been bestowed with a Lifetime Honorary Membership for their outstanding service to the Club. During the 1982-1983 dance season, the Walkers received theirs. During the 1987-1988 dance season, the Vogels received theirs.

In the dance season of 1994-1995, a Lifetime Honorary Membership was bestowed to Virgil and Gina Brundage, who joined in the 1982-1983 season.








Trick Trackers