Because of the current crisis, it is important that accurate Square & Round dance information be available on the Heart of America Federation website:

Make sure that your club information is correct.

Since all square & round dance clubs in Heart of America Federation have websites, the easiest way to make sure that your club is current is to check your club website.


Open the Federation website:


Click on the "HOA Federation Clubs" Button on the left,


Click on your Club's name,


Hover your mouse over the "Dance Schedues" drop down menu, and click on "2020 Dances".

The list that will open will show all of your club's dances that have been reported to the Heart of America Federation webmaster.

All of your club's dances that have been reported as "Cancelled" will have "Cancelled" in the listing.

If the listing there is not current or has dances missing, please send updated information to the webmaster. Text: 816.223.0803, E-Mail:

It is not only important that your cancelled dances be listed, as the crises lifts, it will be important that "Non Cancelled" dances also be listed.

Before attending a dance in Heart of America Federation, check the "Cancelled Dances" webpage: Click on the "Notices & Cancellations" Button on the left,

Thank You
Dan Wheeler - Webmaster
Heart of America Federation Square & Round Dance Clubs

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Updated 3/29/20