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All About Kenny

Kenny started his career toward calling as a country western singer.  He and his wife Debbie started taking square dance lessons in 1982.  A few weeks into lessons he decided that singing was singing whether it was in a band or as a caller, and decided to become a caller rather than an idol on the country music charts.  His square dance instructor was very supportive of him and encouraged him by sending records home with him to practice with.  As he hadn't completed lessons yet, he had no idea what the moves he was calling were, but the dancers had no problem dancing and enjoyed him immensely.  It wasn't long before he dropped out of the band to gain fame as a well know and highly sought after square dance caller.  Wherever he called, the ladies screamed and swooned as he called with his wonderful Garth Brooks voice.

As fate would have it, his dance instructor and his wife were involved in a serious motorcycle accident that landed him in the hospital.  The caller had no doubt that this young talented lad would become a great caller, and asked him to fill in at his summer exhibitions.  He called his first dance in Unionville in September 1983, and gained the undivided support of the Tanglefoot Squares and the Little Dixie Squares.  In 1984 he became the club caller for the Mexico Twirlers.  He conducted his first class in Brunswick, Missouri, in 1984 and that lead to the formation of the Grand River Squares of which he was their only club caller.

A fun-filled and fast paced life giving lessons and calling dances has been this callers signature wherever he and his wife go.  He has taught lessons for the Peppy Promenaders, Beaux and Bells, Tanglefoot Squares, Grand River Squares, Mexico Twirlers, and several other clubs. 

He has had a soft spot in his heart for the youths in out communities.  Each year he has taught 6 to 16 year old members of the 4-H clubs so they could perform at their annual awards night.  For 15 years, he has been a regular volunteer instructor instructor in the Brookfield's R-III School's "Early American Days" introducing an unknown number of fifth graders to square dancing.

He has entertained countless residents of nursing homes in support of National Nursing Home Week.  His heart and soul has been directed to the entertainment of our senior citizens as well as working with youth and promoting square dancing through many varied community and private activities as a caller.

He has never once forgotten a most important part of his live, his wife and family.

He has caller at many National Conventions and more importantly has called for many Missouri State Festivals.

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