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Frontier Twirlers

The Frontier Twirlers were formed in 1976, graduating the first class in May of that year. There was to be a bicentennial celebration at Osawatomie in June, 1976. Square dancing was to be part of the program. With that goal in mind, square dance lessons were started in January, 1976, with Bill Abbott and his taw, Jerry, as the instructors. Sixteen couples and one single man completed the class and participated in the bicentennial celebration. Bill Abbott, Karl Edwards, Harry Husted and Pat Patterson were the callers at the celebration dance held on June 24, 1976.

A square dance club was formed and Bill and Jerry helped us select our name, Frontier Twirlers. They also taught some round dance lessons. Under their direction, the club joined KSDA and the Heart of America Federation in 1977. Dances were held at the Osawatomie City Auditorium, where we danced. Bill and Jerry continued as our caller and taw until June, 1983. Bill Roles and his wife, Jan, became our caller and taw in September, 1983, and they continued in that capacity to May 2013. Sandy Mount was our line dance cuer from 1998 to 2001. Following year Ray Lemon, took up as cuer.

The Frontier Twirlers began sponsoring the annual Kansas Day Dance at Sunflower School in Paola in January, 1981. This special event is held on the fourth Saturday in January and was always well-attended by other clubs in the area.

In October each year, we sponsored a Cancer Benefit Dance. The club matched all donations made at the door and contributed that amount to the American Cancer Society or Miami County Cancer Foundation.

The Frontier Twirlers participated in banner stealing with Heart of America Clubs and clubs from the Northeast Kansas Square Dance Association.

We did exhibitions and demonstrations whenever we are invited to promote square dancing. We have danced at nursing homes, churches, schools and county fairs. We have helped teach square dancing to 4-H members, danced on floats in local parades, participated in national, state, and district dances, and attended caller's festivals.

One hundred percent of the Frontier Twirlers members were registered for the National Square Dance Convention held in Wichita in June, 2008. Several members attended the pre-convention dance in Wichita in March, 2007.

In May 2013 Bill Roles retired from calling. The Frontier Twirlers gave him a retirement party for his 30 years of service with the club and 50+ years of calling. During that season Wade Morrow taught lessons and became our full time club caller for the next Dance season.

In 2013-14 dance season we changing our dance times to 7:30 - 10:00 and added round dancing. Wade & Laura Morrow were the caller and Taw from 2013 to spring 2017. Rounds were cued by either: Pam Young or Stash Tosio. The following club year we had guest callers. Lynn Nelson gave lessons for us. In 2019 Lynn Nelson became club caller with Stan & Beth Neidecker calling during winter months. Stan & Beth Neidecker took the reins in our final year 2020-2021.

The Frontier Twirlers met at our annual meeting for 2021 there were insufficient members willing to fill officer positions. A formal vote was taken and the club voted to dissolve.

We would like to thank all the members, past & present for their support, dancing and goodwill. We appreciate the support of KSDA and all the area clubs, callers & dancers for 45 years of red rocks & yellow rocks!








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