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USDA Dancers Insurance Program

These Forms Are For Use By USDA Affiliate Insurance Chairmen

Please Use These Forms
You May Fill In On Your Computer, Or Print & Fill In With A Pen

The Insurance Enrollment Form Must Be Mailed With Enrollment Check



How to use the USDA Insurance portalAdobe PDF Printable Copy5/5/20

Insurance Program Additional Information SheetAdobe PDF Printable Copy5/29/16

Insurance Program InformationAdobe PDF Printable Copy5/29/16

Federation or Association Club Enrollment FormAdobe PDF Printable Copy10/1/19

Club Roster FormAdobe PDF Printable Copy1/5/15

Club Members Insured Through A Different Club FormAdobe PDF Printable Copy12/29/15

Insurance Enrollment Form (Insurance Chairmen Only)Adobe PDF Printable Copy5/4/20

Additional Dancer Enrollment FormAdobe PDF Printable Copy9/15/15

Inspection of Premises FormAdobe PDF Printable Copy8/8/07

Event Notification and Group Travel FormAdobe PDF Printable Copy9/3/08

Request for CertificateAdobe PDF Printable Copy7/13/09

Club Sponsored Class FormAdobe PDF Printable Copy8/12/07

When, How, & Where to File a ClaimAdobe PDF Printable Copy10/1/19

Club Accident ProceduresAdobe PDF Printable Copy7/20/20

Accident Report FormAdobe PDF Printable Copy7/27/09

Part 1 and 2 InformationAdobe PDF Printable Copy8/12/07

Insurance Program Information TrifoldAdobe PDF Printable Copy9/17/19

Dancers Code of Ethics and Conduct TrifoldAdobe PDF Printable Copy8/30/18

USDA Officers and Committees TrifoldAdobe PDF Printable Copy3/29/20


Or Contact Our:

Insurance Coordinator
Eddie & Elizabeth Sanders
P.O. Box 417
Stephens, Georgia 30667-0417
Phone 706.759.3642


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