Dana Schirmer

Square Dance Caller - Topeka, Kansas



   Dana & Donna Schirmer - Instructors and Hosts

Saturday - One Day Extravaganza !

 Mainstream Blast!
Review and/or Learn
the Mainstream Calls in
One day - January 26, 2019

 Calls Include

Centers In 
Cast Off 3/4
Spin the Top
Tag the Line

Slide Thru
Walk and Dodge
Scoot Back
Spin Chain Thru

Eight Chain Thru
Pass to the Center
Turn Thru

Dixie Style
Alemande Thar
Shoot the Star
Slip the Clutch

 Class Is Ideal For Newer Dancers And Those Wishing To
Expand Their Dance Knowledge.  Will Include Styling Hints
And Other Useful Dance Information
Fun included at no extra cost!

Pre-Requisite - Must Know The Basic Program
(Calls 1 through 48) (If uncertain, call us)

We'll start at 9:30 AM and end by 5:00 PM. Soup and Chili
served for lunch with snacks during breaks. Contact us
to reserve your space! Phone: 785.554.7221 (cell) E-Mail

Kaw Valley Dance Center
200 SW 30th Street, Suite 105
Topeka, Kansas 66611

$10.00 per adult;
Kids under 18 - $5.00

Printable Copy
Directions to
Kaw Valley Dance Center





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