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November 2006


'Sun 'N' Surf Swangers' was the name of the club when it was formed in 1958. Bill Kimble was the caller from 1958 - July 1960. Application was made to the Heart of America Federation, for membership and we were federated in December 1959. We were dancing in a building owned by the North Kansas City Board of Education. We moved to the Gladstone Community Building in February 1960. The first set of lessons, taught by Bill Kimble was given in his Rec Room for about fourteen couples. In 1960 club dues were $10.00 per couple and the Caller's fee was $15.00 per dance. The donation per dance was $1.50 per couple and the hall rent was $7.00. Eleven new members joined the club for the 1960-1961 dance season, and 18 the follow year. Bill & Dorothy Gibson were charter members and stayed with the club till their deaths. They also served at Vice President of the HOA federation.

Roxe Zimmerman was the Club's caller from August 1960 thru January 1966.

The club, having no connection with the Sun N' Surf, decided to eliminate that part of their name. We started the 1961-1962 dance season as the "Swangers".

Norm Kisler was the club caller from February 1966 thru May 1966. Leon Bury was our caller from September 1966 thru January 1968, other callers in 1968 were Don Echols, Jim Knight, Buford Evans and Bobby Lightfoot.

Theme Dances were the in thing for us in 1968. A few we enjoyed hosting were, the Donkey Dance, Glow Worm, Kissing Cousin, and Hugging Bug. Sometimes we would have so much fun, we would dance all night. In 1968 donations for dances, per couple was increased to $2.50.

In December 1968, Don Echols was secured as the club's caller and continued until April 1981, when Mike Cox assumed the duties until August 1985. Don Echols joined us again as our caller from September 1985 thru October 2000. Our current caller, Bill Reynolds became our club caller in January 2001.

Other locations our club has danced are: Pleasant Valley Community Center, Barry Middle School, McMurry Methodist Church, Claycomo Community Center, Liberty Community Center. We moved to our present location, St James Lutheran Church for our September 1994 dance.
Our club membership has
fluctuated over the years from 15 to 58 couples with the high number of members in the 1975-1976 dance season. 'Loudmouth' is the name of our clubs newsletter. The purpose of this monthly letter is to keep members informed of club activities and news. Our club dances are held on the third Saturday, from September thru May. Over the years, we have elected to have Club summer activities: Camping week-ends, Baseball games, picnics, bus trips. One year we even took part in the Roosterville 'Chicken-Fly (NO, our chicken didn't win).

To generate interest in Square dancing, we have held summer parking lot dances, offered free lessons and been in local parades.

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