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This is a reprint of the article that appears in the October 2000 issue of the "Fed Facts".

The Heart of American Federation has a web site on the Internet.  Its URL (address) is


The purpose of the web site is to make information available about square dancing in the greater Kansas City area.

Who is the web site intended for: 

For visitors and potential new dancers it provides:

1.      Information about dances, lessons, locations, and times.

For area dancers it provides:

1.      The same monthly dance schedule as listed in the Fed Facts.

2.      A listing of square, round, and line dance lessons.

3.      A listing of special dances within driving distance of Kansas City.

4.      A listing of what clubs dance on each day of the month.

5.      Information changes, or corrections, after the latest issue of the Fed Facts was printed.

6.      Directions and maps to dance locations:

A.      Turn by turn directions from an easily located place in the area to all dance locations in the greater Kansas City area. 

B.     A printable map of the area around each dance location with the dance location pinpointed.

C.     The ability to provide turn by turn directions (with little maps for each turn) from any location in the continental USA to every dance location.

7.      A link to the web site "Square and Round Dance Clubs that dance in Missouri" which has detailed information about square dance clubs in Missouri.

8.      Links to similar web sites in most US states and Canadian provinces, and many countries around the world.

9.      Links to a listing of special and weekend dances in Missouri and the surrounding states.

10.  Names, addresses, phone numbers, E-Mail addresses, web page addresses for all Federation officers, Fed Facts people, and area callers.

11.  An alphabetical listing of all the clubs in the greater Kansas City area.  Each club entry includes the caller, the time dance, location, a contact person, the level of dance, and the organizations they belong to.  It also has links to the E-mail address for the caller and contact person if available, a link to the club web page, and a link to directions and maps to their dance site.

12.  An individual web page for each federation club.  It can contain a listing of this years dances, any special dances, and any other information that a club would like made available.

13.  A listing of notices and cancellations.

What input can you, or your club, have to the web page: 

1.         You may customize your club page as you choose.  You may add information, your dance schedule for the year, lessons, or a listing for special dances, etc.  If you want a more elaborate page, one with lots of pictures, etc, you should have someone in your club make one, and a link can be added from our web site to it.  Several clubs have already done this.

2.         You can make, or have made, a web page for your club special dance, or any special event, and a link can be added from our web site to it. 

3.         The listing of notices and cancellations will only work if you notify me with the information.  This is a good place for wedding or anniversary announcements, funeral notices, or any cancellation.  It has had notices about dances canceled around Memorial Day and July 4th. This page can be revised and uploaded to the Internet very quickly when you E-mail, FAX or call with a notice or a cancellation.

How do people find our web site: 

1.      There are links to (listings of) our web site on some Internet search engines and most major square dance web directories.  This is the Internet method that most out of town visitors, and dancers who have moved into the area, have used to find dances here.

2.      There are links to our web site on several state square dance directories.

3.      Almost all of the club web pages for square dance clubs in Missouri have links to the web site "Square and Round Dance Clubs that dance in Missouri", and there are links from that site to our site, and to all of the Federation club web pages.

This web site is designed to be used by you, as well as people from outside the area.  With this web site, information about the Heart of America Federation is available to anyone anywhere in the world.  Several clubs have already reported having “out of town” visitors as a result of this site.  It can be used for you to find information as well as attracting visitors and new dancers.

If your club would like anything added to your club page, or if you would like any of your club listing changed or corrected, or if you just have questions about our web site, and how to use it, please contact me.  Dan Wheeler

Dan Wheeler

Updated 7/28/03