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The History of Square
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Square Dance History
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      By Judy Pottinger

Updated 2/14/11

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Mo-Kan Plus

The first meeting of the new Plus Square Dancers Club was called to order by Freda West. It was held at Shoney's Restaurant, at 7:00 PM, on April 21st. There were 17 people present.

The first order of business was to establish what members shared belong to the Club. Rene suggested singles only, which was opened to the floor for discussion. Darrell said he thought we needed every dollar we could get so open up to everyone. Will made the motion that membership be open to everyone, and Loretta seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous. Clyde suggested if we opened it up to everyone that only singles could hold office, and that married, be called Associate Members and could have all the rights except hold office. Will seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

Next on the agenda was to establish By-Laws for the Club. Freda passed out 2 sets of By-Laws to use as guide lines. The By-Laws were discussed in this order:

Article I- Name was to be voted on at end of meeting

Article II- Was adapted as is

Article III- Membership-Everything remains the same except No. 1, which now states that a member must have a working knowledge of plus square dancing.

Article IV- Officers and their duties

No. 1-Alternate Federation Delegate was removed and Vice President will act as the Alternate Fed Delegate. Meetings will be held quarterly. It was also decided to delete 2 votes per office, which was taken from Article 4 #1 Grand Parndus.

No. 2-It was decided the Presidents duties will remain the same

No. 3-Vice President only change was to add Alternate Fed Delegate

No. 4-Secretary remains the same

No. 5-Treasurer remains the same

No. 6-Fed Delegate remains the same

No. 7-Alternate Fed Delegate deleted and Vice President will act in the absence of the Fed Delegate

No. 8-Remains the same

No. 9-Remains the same

Next on the agenda was election of Officers.

1. Darrell nominated Freda for President, and Bernie seconded the motion. Motion she accepted, and the motion carried.

2. Bernie nominated Dean for Vice President, and Dottie seconded the motion. Motion carried.

3. Clyde Ash was nominated for Secretary by Bernie, and Tom seconded the motion. Vote was carried.

4. Freda nominated Sue Day for Treasurer, and Darrell seconded the motion. Motion carried.

5. Dottie Griggs was nominated for Fed Delegate by Will, and Dean seconded the motion. The. vote was unanimous.

6. Name of the Club was the next order of business. Fred read a list of names. Will made the motion to pick 5 names for consideration, and Darrell seconded the motion. Motion carried. The names were Aces and Deuces, Lace and Laces, Plus Team, Sales and Paris, and MO-KAN Plus. The names were voted on.

Aces and Deuces - 5 votes
Lace and Laces - 3 votes
Plus Team - 3 votes
Sales and Paris - none
MO-KAN Plus - 4 votes

It was suggested to take the 2 with the most votes and vote on them, which were MO-Kan Plus and Aces and Deuces 8 votes. MO-Kan Plus will be the new Club name. Will was going to check to see of there would be a legal problem in using the name--if so, Aces and Deuces will be the name of the Club.

The last order of business to be discussed was the badge and dues. Bernie made the motion to use the outline of Missouri and Kansas with a plus sign on Kansas City for the badge. The charter members will have the Charter Member engraved on their badge and the Associates Members will have an Associate bar under their badge. The colors will be red, white, and blue. The motion was seconded by Will and the motion carried. Freda suggested $5.00 for dues and $5.00 for badges. Darrell made the motion, Tom seconded, and the vote was unanimous.

Jane Brown is having a proof made of the new badges to be voted on by the Board. The meeting was adjourned.

Article V- Election of Officers and Delegates No 6

Article VI- Standing Committees-The following was adapted:


Refreshment Committee


Sunshine Committee


Hospitality Committee


Audit Committee



a. The President shall appoint 2 club members to audit the books at the end of each dance season.

Club No Longer Dancing