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Updated 7/21/21

Square Dance Lessons
Blue District - Kansas Square Dance Association
Additional Square Dance Lessons:  Missouri Federation of Square & Round Dance Clubs

Additional Square Dance Lessons:  Heart of America Federation of Square Dance Clubs
USA & Canada Lesson Information -
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Recruiting Manuals

Note:  THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST. You should verify the information here by contacting the people involved to be sure that there have been no last minute changes.

Northeast District - Kansas - Lessons:

Northeast District - Kansas Square Dance Association 
(Call for Time & Location) Classes are forming throughout the Northeast area
Please call 913.829.6223 or 913.660.6011 (cell), or

On LIne Square Dance Classes:

Click Here (This is not part of, or indorsed by, the Northeast District - Kansas Square Dance Association)

Mainstream Lessons: (Top Of Page)

Grain Valley, Missouri                     GM-50  

Starting Thursday,  September 9, 2021,  8:00 - 10:00 PM,  Midwest Dance & Fitness Center,  1430 SW Eagles Parkway, Grain Valley, Missouri 640529  Instructor: Gene Miller,   For more informationPriscilla Young-Haase 816.506.3653  E-Mail,,  Flyer,    GM-51  

Prairie Village, Kansas                     PM-50  

Starting Thursday,  September 9, 2021 Through January 15, 2022,  7:00 - 9:30 PM,  7039 Mission Road, Prairie Village, Kansas  Instructor: Jay Krebs,  For more information Tom & Dora Newsom 913.488.3937 or 913.485.0244,   E-Mail or E-Mail,,  Flyer,  Sponsored by the Heartland Squares Square Dance Club,  Colonial Church of Prairie Village,  PM-51  

Savannah, Missouri                     SM-50  

Starting Wednesday,  June 9, 2021,  7:00 - 9:00 PM,  The Clasbey Center, Use East Door,  500 East Duncan Drive, Savannah, Missouri 64485,     For more information Jeannie Woodbury 816.238.0781,  E-Mail,    Sponsored by the Savannah Sashayers,  SM-51  

Plus Lessons: (Top Of Page)

Advance Lessons: (Top Of Page)

Round Dance Lessons: (Top Of Page)

Park City, Kansas                     PM-30  

Starting Sunday,  September 12, 2021,  3:30 - 4:30 PM,  Park City Senior Center,  6100 North Hydraulic Avenue, Park City, Kansas 67219,  Instructors: Kevin & Diane Denning,   For more information Kevin & Diane Denning 316.522.2315,  E-Mail,  Flyer,  Sponsored by the Merry-Go Rounders Round Dance Club,  PM-31  

Prairie Village, Kansas                     PR-70  

Waltz Classes Starting Monday,  April 19, 2020,  7:00 - 9:00 PM,  Colonial Church of Prairie Village,  Enter West Side of Church, 71st & Mission Road, Prairie Village, Kansas  Instructor: Stash Tosio,   For more information Stash Tosio 913.706.4701,  E-Mail,  Flyer,  Sponsored by the Diamond Round Dance Club,  PR-71  

Topeka, Kansas Lessons,                     TR-99  

Line Dance Lessons: (Top Of Page)

Clogging Lessons: (Top Of Page)

Calling Lessons: (Top Of Page)

Do you want your lessons or your clubs lessons listed here?  Please send The following information:

    Location of lessons (Complete address)
    Level of lessons
    Type of lessons (Square or Round Dance)
    Day and time of lessons
    Number of lessons
    Contact person
    Phone number
    E-Mail address if you have one
    Any other pertinent information you can dream up